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Work your way through this website to find the most interesting test site on the Internet. We will be reviewing some of the sites that you heard about answering the questions; who is the best? What’s the best price? Who has the best test? All of your test questions will be answered here today


The National Registry of EMTs by no means is an easy test. But everybody has to ask the question. Where am I going to go to practice for this exam? You have been scared by all of your friends and all of your coworkers about this exam, but where do you go next. Well? We will tell you.

We interviewed over 1000 students to try to determine which website are number one in the testing game. Mundeninteractive.com group to be the most accurate testing system on the Internet, and most likely to get you past the National Registry Exam.


Coming in a close second, is ID44.com most people no ID44 as being the number one testing site on the Internet for the National Registry, and they have won several awards including the highly coveted National Registry exam testing award, giving National Registry Paramedic.com.

Don’t get me wrong, ID44.com is a great website for EMT practice, they have proven themselves to be reliable for many years now, but basically there are two different brackets for national registry testing. MundenInteractive.com is more of a higher end National Registry type testing system. It uses, or should I say man makes the national Registry of EMTS testing standards. It’s called a CAT type testing system that is based upon how good or how bad you are doing during the exam. It’s pretty good, but you will pay more significantly. A lot of people though are getting good results. ID44.com on the other hand is more affordable and has been proven to work. You just don’t get the same testing feedback as you do with MundenInteractive.com and their statistics.

I think you have to go to the websites themselves and see what I mean, both of them have a lot of great information, and both of them offer free EMT, paramedic, and firefighter test. I also heard that MundenInteractive.com is getting into nursing testing and respiratory therapy. Brady, prenhall, and the others should be worried about Munden interactive. JBlearning doesn’t hold a candle to mundeninteractive.com I’m telling you they’re not even close. Munden interactive offers flashcards, principal test, statistical information, CAT testing, and more, just take a look.


I hope this article makes the decision easier for you when choosing the right website for the National Registry Exam next week we will interview and review to other websites.